Juliana Healer is looking for 3 patients for free treatment in each of the following problems:
-paralyzed people
-comatose people

Don't forget: the illness doesn't wait !

The List of the Diseases the treatment is efficient of

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Your benefit is that with the lowest costs possible and without lose time going to do all kind of expensive tests or suffer disagreeable or invasive procedures, with this kind of testing and treatment you will get the most accurate prospective of the interior of your body plus the possibility of correcting the situation by proceeding to an energetic correction of the envelope of the organ that will lead to its regeneration. The regeneration is pursued mathematically. In most of the cases you will be able to feel the improvements day by day, during 60 days of procedures.


In the process of healing if you have pains they will be gone but occasionally it may occurs some small pains or stitches or mini bulges; do not worry, they are negligible and normal and it not last long time, the tissue is alive after all and the healing is conducting by the same specific mechanisms the body have for usual function or healing, in those type of proceedings my actions just trigger it.

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