This is a scientific site
It involves alternative, borderline sciences

The reason of its existence is to explore, find, proves that there is possible to cure a biological living system, no matter it is human or animal, from its suffer, by influencing the behavior of the bio energetic field that surround any being. Furthermore, it is possible to do that from distance.
Not only a certain distance but ANY DISTANCE !

So, if you are tired of going from a medical facility to another seeking what is wrong with you, and never find answers to your problems, if you want a quick check up of your health and more:

This is the place where anybody can find a prospect of his health like never seen before. This is the place where anybody can order at least a little bit of a health.

It is a dream came true. The dream that one can get relief from it suffer without pills, surgery, endless medical prescriptions, lose of time. You will carry on with your everyday activities and I will take care of you simultaneously.

The other side of this matter:
I do not intent to discredit medical research.
I, myself follow it as much as it possible combining it with my research and my expertise of 18 years of practice. I do not oppose my treatments to the medical ones.
I come when any other medical solution become powerless, when there is no longer solutions.
I do not have answers to all heavy diseases, but I have solutions for some considered untreatable and for sure I have the meaning to increase the health in any cases.
Anyway you will find out is worthing to try.

Check for yourselves
Everybody is welcome!

The procedure of the energetic parameters measurement or the disease healing is described across the last three pages. Please read carefully the content of the pages.

The content is the intelectual property of this author and can be used only with the mentioning of this source.