The entire treatment lasts 60 days. It consists of one procedure every day.

For the measurements or treatments you have to provide the following date:

1. A good and rather recent picture of the patient, alone.
2.The residential country of the patient.
3.The town.
4.Name (compulsory) and Surname (mandatory).
6.Year of finding out the disease - if is the case.

The information are necessary for complete the file. That file will be kept and you can come back after a while and order a new measurement in order to pursue the healing, no matter if you are on medications or on under my care, or under someone else care. Furthermore you will be provided a graph showing the trend of the health as already shown (page no. 3).

If you want to protect your privacy you will provide only the photo and a nickname, but for more precision, I need to know the country and town in order to calibrate my wave length of perception (when performing the treatments) and channel the full energy towards the target .

Once you send me the information you have to wait for my approval of taking your case. You will get the measurements in 48 hours.

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