The measurements are referring to the energetic envelope of each organ and show with great accuracy the degree of physical illness of each measured organ and its potential of normal or abnormal functioning. You may not feel particularly trouble in an organ but if I will tell you that you have a certain degree of damage in a place, that is for sure and you will get sick, make no mistake, if you will continue to neglect the problem - no matter if you choose me to treat you, or choose a different way, you will have to do something about it. The good news is I can regenerate an organ - depending on what the problem and organ is - till the complete health.

Once you decided to check on your health and apply for a health parameters measurement, you will receive by e-mail a file, containing an amount of numeric values and explanations, that approximate on a percentage scale, the health degree of the various parts of body : 0 - for total loss or malfunction and 100 % for a perfect status of an organ as described in the example below:

The "Bioenergy test forms" - Form no.1 and Form no.2

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